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Suggested by: Russell

ABL: Always be learning - How to maintain personal development in Product

In a rapidly changing environment for Product owners/managers, one of the main focuses needs to be on how we keep learning and improving.
Suggested by: Paul Hays

Defining the V in MVP

What does V/viability truly mean when building visionary products?
Suggested by: Wendy Tapia

Design Thinking - The Theory and Application

Shall cover: Design Thinking Defined Design Thinking - Classical Stage walkthrough Is Design Thinking all that? An example for my work. Key Takeaways
Suggested by: Brian Shevlin

Design, engagement, frameworks, tools & fit for product roadmaps

Selling high & underdelivering without deep diving into clear client product objectives is a frustrating process
Suggested by: Pranash Ramanundh

Discovery Sucks! - Let's fix it

We're good at refining a hypothesis, but almost all of us are bad at making sure that our team is working on the right problem space in the first place. I've started ...
Suggested by: randy silver

Ethical Analytics

A discussion about going beyond GDPR and using ethics to define the limitations of how we use analytical information.
Suggested by: Kieran Mahon

Facilitating Innovation with your B2B customer for a WIN-WIN relationship

The customer ask is not the right thing for your products long term strategy - the customer is not always right! However, they know their business better than any ...
Suggested by: Stephen O'Loughlin

Finding Product/Market Fit

A step-by-step guide to building products people actually want.
Suggested by: Tadhg O'Leary

How to Crack B2B Content Marketing

Produce a good website, blast out a few emails, keep the blog ticking over and release the odd thought leadership eBook, that’s all there is to content marketing, ...
Suggested by: Oisin O'Connor

How to leverage Product Growth best practices to bring innovation to the market

Have you ever used Growth experiments in your Product Management practice? if not, then this is something you should start leveraging. From defining your business ...
Suggested by: Manuel Breschi

Introduction to GV Design Sprint

An Introduction to the GV Design Sprint process developed by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures. This process is now used widely by Product Managers at large companies ...
Suggested by: Rohan Perera

Machine learning will make us work more efficient and effective in our businesses.

We are at the inflection point where machine learning is no longer a buzz word but an emerging reality and it's disrupting all industries around us, our processes and ...
Suggested by: Magda Targosz

Outcome based roadmap planning for Enterprise software

Can roadmap planning really be outcome led in a B2B environment, where there is always at least one really demanding customer with their own agenda.
Suggested by: Siobhan O'Sullivan

Product Ethics

A look back into history at how we screwed up the environment. Could we have stopped ourselves? How can we prevent this from happening again - and do PMs need a code ...
Suggested by: Andrea Saez

Product Thinking Cram? Here's Your Product Crash Test Dummies 101

Why did NASA cancel its first all-female space walk? Who is "Reference Man"? Why do drivers buy milkshakes? Why do vegan burgers bleed? Why does Richard Branson keep ...
Suggested by: Ultan O'Broin CSM CSPO MSC

SaaS pricing - Learnings from telco pricing & packaging strategies

The SaaS model has emerged as the default go-to-market approach. It's not new - telecoms companies have been selling TV, broadband and phone in a subscription ...
Suggested by: Simon Kelehan

Sales Channels and Go-to-market - Implications for Product Management

Product Managers need to consider route-to-market within the product roadmap. The System Integrator/the Sales Channel is a key persona to consider. The session ...
Suggested by: Donagh Kiernan

The Politics of Product Management

Spiderman once said, with great power comes great responsibility. But in the world of Product Management, great responsibility comes with no power! Product Management ...
Suggested by: Glen Holmes

Traits of an Entrepreneur

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? What makes a balanced founding team that can succeed. Case studies on personality profiling as used by VCs
Suggested by: John Whelan

Turning your data into money

This talk looks at all the data that your organization collects - And how to turn it into money. It will provide you an overall structure to assess where you are ...
Suggested by: Simon Rees

Using the Octalysis Framework for Product Engagement

A quick look at the Octalysis Framework for product engagement and how we applied it at ProdPad.
Suggested by: Andrea Saez

When to call it a day?

Many new products don't make it to launch or (worse) are launched, lose money & are withdrawn. How much realism is a good balance for the enthusiasm of the ...
Suggested by: Simon Rees

When UX met Strategy...

Can UX methodologies be used to evolve an organisation’s strategy? Why aren’t these methods used more broadly across organisations? In this talk, I will briefly ...
Suggested by: Eric Paquin

Why balancing strategy & execution is difficult: Musings from an ex-Project turned Product Manager

As an ex-Project Manager turned Product Manager, I’ll share my lessons learned about the difference between strategy and execution during my transition between roles, ...
Suggested by: Emma Sephton

Will the role of a PM ever become standardised?

Every role by discipline is different to some degree in each organisation: however, Product can take on very different meanings depending on the org. 1. Is this a ...
Suggested by: Ian Johnson